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Hey, I'm due Nov. 4th and am expecting baby earlier than that, so I've been posting in both Oct. and Nov. Normally I don't do duplicate posts, but I thought this one might be useful to moms on both boards.

I have an almost 2yo and almost 4yo, and our cooler is NOT working well this summer. I've been having a rough time entertaining them when all I want to do is collapse in front of a fan. This morning, genuis struck! I came up with the Best Idea Ever. Hopefully it will work for some of you as well.

I did housework until I was overcome by the heat and the kids needed attention. We played a new game. The game goes like this: Mommy gets three wet washcloths, sets up a fan, and collapses onto the couch. One washcloth goes on mommy's forehead. Each child gets another washcloth. Children wash mommy's feet, legs, and arms. Fun was had by all! I think we will be playing this game frequently in the next few weeks.
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