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Possible to conservative dentist??????

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Two weeks ago my six-year-old daughter had her adult tooth erupt be hind her baby tooth. She has been complaining about her mouth hurting for weeks but she has several loose teeth. I told her to wiggle them to make room for the adult tooth, but she hasn't been.

With this tooth coming out I decided to stick my fingers in and see how loose the baby ones were. With very little pressure I managed to tear her skin so her two bottom baby teeth were hanging down. I could see the second adult tooth (which broke through the skin today).

I took her to the dentist he removed the baby teeth and stitched up the tears.

Her baby teeth have no signs of absorption. The dentist says this can take several months to a year and he was not worried and that I should leave them alone (which I planned to). I asked him how long. He said until they fell out on their own. I have several problems with this:

1. My daughter was in pain. If she had not complained about her mouth hurting I would not have stuck my fingers in there. She was limiting herself to soft foods because of her mouth hurting her.
2.With what I have read on the net having baby teeth not falling out for a long time after adult teeth coming in can cause crowding and alignment issues. (Which if you see how these adult teeth are aligned you would understand why I am worried about this).
3.I had major dental issues because of crowding and not loosing baby teeth. I also think I might have had an absorption issue also.
4.I found out that my mil did the exact same thing to her oldest child 55 years ago! All of his baby teeth pulled as the adult ones came in and the roots were not absorbed. I know this was not something they would have jumped too because they were dirt poor. I had another sil that had same absorption issues but only had a few baby teeth pulled after the adult ones came in.

I don't like my kids hurting when something relatively simple can be done. I liked this pediatric dentist because he is conservative, doesn't use the silver (can't spell the right word), uses adequate pain relief, and wonderful with the kids. I have in the past expressed concern over my son's teeth and genetic predisposition to an overbite. He tells me to young to tell. But I have read different arguments on the net in relationship to my daughters issue. She has a very small mouth. There is no space between her baby teeth. If her two adult teeth were straight they would take up the same space as 4 baby teeth. They are angled and twisted inwards and almost look like they are touching. I have not flossed them only genteelly rubbed/brushed them with gauze because or her stitches/wound.

I really like this guy's repore (SP) with my kids but in the back of my mind I wonder if I need to move to a more progressive dentist for my daughter.

Another thing that concerns me with my daughter is she can pop her jaw (I do this two). If it is not "popped" in the right position her teeth is not aligned. Neither one of us has a "straight" up and down bite like my dh, ds, and other daughter has. The dentist does not seem concern with this.
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