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Possible UTI - what to do?

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I think I have a uti. I asked my midwife last week, but she said it was just the baby sitting on my bladder that was causing me to pee when I sneeze. Now I'm starting to have pains that lead me to believe otherwise. I'm going to see my primary dr. today.

I've been taking cranberry extract, and I don't eat much sugar. Other than that, is there anything else I can do? I don't have easy access to herbs and natural supplements where I live, I'm too far out in the middle of no where, and trips to the city are only once monthly, the next one not likely to happen for 2 weeks. I'm concerned to let this go on too long and am leaning towards the antibiotics if they're given. Any other good advice?
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cranberry is good, I'd get the antibiotics just in case you start feeling worse. You don't want to mess with it. Lots of water, lots of cranberry.
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I do cran-actin, Uva-ursi tea, and put a pinch of corn silk (dried in the herbal sections of stores) in the tea. THe corn silk makes a slick coating in the tract and works as a mild pain reliever as well. But if I had no access to herbs, I would just get rid of it and work pro-actively with antibiotics to avoid yeast
PLEASE be careful with a UTI!!! I had no symptoms that I had one, and went into preterm labor 2 weeks ago at only 21 weeks! I am now 1cm dilated and 50% effaced and on modified bedrest. I took Cranactin as directed for a few days, then doubled up on it for 3 days, then got retested and it came back negative. Cranactin is the best, but if you can't get it in person (you could try online), take the best cranberry you can and drink cranberry juice if you can tolerate it. Double up the doses for a few days, it won't hurt you. I was unable to take antibiotics bc I am allergic to the ones that would kill the strain of bacteria I had. Still, I strongly urge you to get a urine test to confirm or deny the infection, bc it can be very very serious in pregnancy.
Drink 100% cranberry juice if you can find it, b/c the OceanSpray, etc is loaded with sugar. Lots of water too!
Live acidpholis (proibotics) will do the joba nd fast !

They are the good bacteria that your body needs to fight bad bacteria/infections. I had a UTI a week ago and took 3 Live Acidophilis in the morning and 3 at night, along with cranberry caps and vitamin c and it was gone after two days.
Thanks for all your advice. I do have an infection. I knew I did. The good thing is my dr. said I only need to take the meds for 2-3 days.

Since I've been trying the cranberry and acidophilus (I had the good sense to pick up some of the good stuff last time I was able to), I think I'll probably take the drugs, though maybe I'll give it another day or two. The doc said the bacteria count wasn't too high, and I'm going to credit my attempts to treat it naturally with success at keeping the infection from becoming too severe. I'll see if I can find some 100% cranberry juice around here. I used to be able to get it when I lived in civilization. We do have a very small healthfood store here, but it's closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and their product selection is very random, I've never had much luck finding the vitamins and herbs I wanted there.
I am currently on rest at 25 weeks because of a UTI that wasn't detected and travelled to my kidneys. Oh, the pain!
UTIs are nothin to mess around with. So happy you are getting it taken care of.

Just remember to take probiotics, too. You could end up with a honey of a yeast infection if you don't get some good bacteria in your body. Do you like yogurt? Try to eat it every day.

My MW recommended dandelion for healthy kidney and UT function and acidopholus tablets for probiotics.

And LOTS of rest and LOTS of fluids.
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