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Possible UTI while breastfeeding

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I woke up this morning with what I believe is a urinary tract infection. Since I'm exclusively nursing my 4 month-old son, I'm afraid that my doctor will want to prescribe an antibiotic. I really would rather not have to take one if it is not necessary. I've been drinking tons of water and eating blueberries--does anyone know of any other remedies that might help me to get rid of this without taking an antibiotic?

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Cranberry juice is another good thing, if you like it. However, don't let it get too bad before going to the doc. Most antibiotics are just fine to take while breastfeeding and UTIs are certainly no fun. Good luck!
Unfortunately, I can answer this one.

Drink 1-2 gallons of water with a good 64 or so oz of 100% cranberry juice. You can eat whole cranberries and blueberries too, and drink blueberry juice (100%) in addition. If you don't feel better w/in about 2 days, you may need to get checked out, then again, it may take 3-4 days for all symptoms to subside (or you may have a nasty, OUCHIES!). Normally, a liquid flush as the above is enough, especially in conjunction with elimination of dairy, sugar, and caffeine. Yeah, you should elim those just mentioned too. If all that doesn't work, you can take something like CranActin, BUT you better check with someone first. Don't take cranactin b/c phish said to, kwim? I've beaten uti's while preg and not preg w/all of the above and also with planetary formulas cranberry bladder defense (but that one is NOT for while preg so probably also NOT for while bf'ing). HTH! Now quit reading and go drink some water!!

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