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Possibly getting a kitty

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We are considering getting a kitty from a rescue operation. The person who currently is fostering the kittens has four but I don't believe all four are related. She recommends not adopting a kitten if there are no other pets in the house as the kitten would be lonely. Have you found this to be true? I can't afford vet care for two.
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I totally don't think this is true. I mean, I think there is certainly a chance of it. But my cat was an only cat for years, and he just played with us. You'll be his family, so I don't think he'd be lonely.

And if Squirt is lonely, let me tell you that he'd much rather be lonely than have me bring another cat in!

He does enjoy playing with our dog... or trying to. They can never get on the same wavelength as far as what equals "play."

But he was a perfectly content cat (as far as I know) when he was the only pet, too.

ETA: I think "bored" might be the better terminology, here. Especially if you're gone all day long. But that can be solved with lots of toys! Plus, cats sleep a big chunk of the day anyhow. And they're much more "loners" than dogs are.
No....this is not true. Sure many cats prefer to have a playmate (I always have 2) but cats can also be very solitary creatures. Have lots of toys, a nice place to lie in a sunbeam, good food and water....and lots of love and any cat will be happy
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Yes, kittens in fact do better in pairs, if for nothing else YOUR sanity.
That said, I raised a lone kitten, but in the future would only raise kittens in pairs. I had dogs who helped a lot to keep the kitten busy and redirect a lot of energy. We of course enjoyed playing the kitten too and the kitten had a lot toys and vertical space (cat trees). Kittens are very active and crazy, that is why they are so incredibly cute, since they are so bad you know

Glad you are adopting.
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Even though the little kittens were cute as a button, we chose to adopt an 8 month old kitty. She seems like a sweet quiet girl and we will be able to bring her home in a couple of days as she has an appt for a microchip which the rescue op requires before letting her go. She seems a bit shy, but there are enough folks at my house to give her plenty of love and attention.
Yay! glad you are getting a kitty! Is she already spayed? The microchip is a great thing to get! Hope she fits your family well
We got just one kitten when I was a kid. When I grew up, I got 2 kittens from the same litter at the same time. I didn't see any difference. My 1st one didn't seem lonely. My 2 kitties never paid a dang bit of attention to each other. I wouldn't feel bad about getting just one. They also consider you family.
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