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Post Pardom Hair Loss

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I am 4 months PP and my hair is falling out to the point that I have bald spots near my temples and you can tell my hairline in general is receeding. Is there anything I can do? Im not a very thin person and with the extra weight from baby and now this I am really struggling not to be so down every day. I feel so ugly I don't even want to be with my husband or leave the house. I have been wearing a bandanna when I am at home to cover my hair, but I am a full time real estate agent and even though I bring babe to work with me looking proffessional cannot be accomplished with a hippie looking bandanna on my head. KWIM? Is there any herb or vitamin or ANYTHING I can take to help my hair quit falling out? Please help Im desperate.

Jennie Beck
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I don't have any advice about hair loss except to say that it will stop. I had hair loss (huge clumps in my hand after every shower, hair all over the house) until a few weeks ago. I lost, I estimate, about a third of my hair. I didn't mind so much because I have very thick hair, too thick, so it made it more manageable.

But it has entirely stopped. Just all of a sudden, when my baby was about eight months old -- no more hair loss. And low and behold, I got my period.

So be of good cheer, it does reverse itself.

Can you use silk scarves to cover your hair? Chic not hippie.

Hugs to you! I know how you feel. I lost so much hair with DD that my hairline noticably receeded. And I have very THIN hair as it is, so it was devastating. It did stop once I stopped BFing when DD was 15 mos. MOST of it grew back, but not all (sorry, just being honest). Doesn't seem to be happening this time around though......fingers crossed.
Hair loss is very scary. But, it's pretty normal post partum. Your follicles go into a resting phase when you're pregnant & your hair stops shedding (falling out). So, now you're making up for lost time. I hope it stops soon for you! You may try checking in with your OB/midwife in case your hormones are off in some way.
Best wishes!
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Is it possible you have thyroid issues? Especially with weight problems too, I'd get that checked.
Hugs to you! The same thing happened to me, 3 months to the day postpartum, my already baby fine, thin hair started falling out in great heaping hand fulls!

It was horrible, there was hair all over the house, my pillow - inthe baby's diaper
: I don't know if it was a coincedence or not, but I started taking L-Glutamine again, I used to take it when I was doing a lot of weight lifting. It helps the body with muscle recovery, is good for gut flora and also suppresses cortisol - the stress hormone, which is elevated in us new mamas, especially when BFing and sleep deprived. I also started taking "Ignatia" homeopathic pills for stress. About 3 weeks, later, the hair loss slowed down a lot.
Again, I dont know if it was all coincedence, but DD is 6 months and I am still exclusively breastfeeding.I have also noticed a 1" halo of fuzzy re-growth around my hairline.
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My hair started falling out at 3 mo. pp. It was awful, though not as bad as you are describing. I would also suggest you have your thyroid checked just to be sure. Mine seems to have quit falling out finally, maybe a few weeks ago. My babe is 7 mo. now. It feels like it falls out forever.
Oh crap hair loss PP can be related to Thyroid issues????????

Gonna have to make a DR's appt b/c I am shedding worse then the dog
Mine fell out like crazy too at around the 4 month point and stopped at around 7 months. It's growing back in now.

The good news is it's only temporary!

A new haircut helped to offset the thinness for me. I couldn't wear my old style because it looked so bad.
ben is almost 10 months and i lose handfuls in the shower and i shed all over the house. its awful and i feel like my hair looks like poop.
i did cut it all of to try and help some of the shedding, it really didn't slow down the shedding, but at least the stands aren't a foot long!
and i notice my scalp is super sensitive too, when the baby pulls my hair, i just could go through the roof it hurts so badly. no advice whatesoever... just commiserating with you.
Just chiming in on the thyroid connection ...

KEMommy, yep, there is definitely a connection between thyroid disorders and hair loss. There is a condition called post-partum thyroiditis that affects some women after birth, and it's also been relatively common (ancedotally at least -- from what I've gleaned from my conversations with some women) for women to develop hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) after giving birth. A simple blood test will give you more information, and there are effective treatments for thryoid issues if they are implicated in your situation.

Although I have not yet given birth (I'm anxious to, though!!!), I have hypothyroidism and have been dealing with some hair loss over the past few years (ironically, one of the most common medications hypos are put on -- called Synthroid -- has hair loss as a side effect ... go figure
. But from the research I've done, I've learned that taking Evening Primrose Oil helps to curb the hair loss. I just started taking it and haven't seen any change yet, but I'm hopeful.

I hope you are able to get to the root (no pun intended
) of this problem soon!
My best to you!
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