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Posted b4, but supply getting lower?

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Hi all, I had posted before about my little Corey feeding nonstop, I am really scared that he isnt getting enough, I am so not used to this at all!!! I have never had a nursing prob, I have no clue what could be causing this. Here is what is going on...

He nurses good for 2 minutes, then starts fussing and looking around and forcefully grabbing on it, my let down is already done, and I think my breast may be depleted... go on to second breast, same thing, he will do this off and on all day, I have tried seeing if I can express, and cannot, not when he has fed anyhow, I am having none of the "leaking" and engorgement probs I normally have, I am going Tuesday night to the local lll meeting,I am hoping one of the wonderful ladies there can watch us and see what the issue is. He is no longer giving me the blisters he was at first,

What causes a low milk supply? I have always heard of people talkning about having a low supply, but never really put any thought into it, since I had never had this prob before... honestly I thought it wasnt real, (sorry) I just cannot believe this is happening, I have milk even when I am not nursing!!!

Ok, so it turned into a venting, sorry about that.After nursing 4 other children, I am very very upset and confused with myself right now...
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Visit the low supply mama thread located right here. You might get some good answers there.
If you haven't read kelly mom this is a good start:

Definitely go to the LLL meeting, see if they can check your latch to make sure he is extracting milk correctly. If you had lots of milk previously, I doubt it is a problem with you, it's probably how he is latching on to you. Just a guess.

and good luck!
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My dd is about the same age as your baby and I'm having a similiar prob. So far correcting the latch made a big difference ( I didn't even know the latch was wrong for my dd because with my ds latching this way worked fine). I don't know if that made any sense. Also taking a break from the other kids and (where I can't even hear them) and nursing on demand with skin to skin contact helps. I also only let down once and only for less than a min. I'm going to see a LLL leader today and I'll pass on any info I can. Are you on any meds? Mine were considered okay for bfing, but I slowly saw my supply begin to dwindle a little. Just trying to throw some ideas out there.

good luck and
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Thanks for the advice ladies, no, not on any meds. I never thought about getting away from the other kids for awhile to nurse.. maybe the quite one on one time will work. Let me know what the lll says tonight? Thanks!!
Drink plenty of water and eat oatmeal. Is he getting any bottles?

good luck!

Just anotther idea along with the latch suggestion. Be sure to have the LLL leader check him for tongue tie. One of my sons had this and he was an inefficient sucker due to it.

Also there is a tea called Mothers Milk that is supposed to increase supply. It won't hurt to drink it either way (if the prob is you or him). And it is quite tasty with cheesecake!

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Originally Posted by nikisager
Thanks for the advice ladies, no, not on any meds. I never thought about getting away from the other kids for awhile to nurse.. maybe the quite one on one time will work. Let me know what the lll says tonight? Thanks!!
The lll said that since I started out with oversupply/forcefull let down (gagged and chocked dd a lot) that dd had learned to pull her toungue back some when she nursed to keep from being choked from all the milk. Over time this ineffectual latch caused my breast to not be stimulated to make more milk. My let down became shorter until my breasts stopped letting down for most feedings. DD was going through a growth spurt, nursing constantly - but not stimulating my supply. I'm supposed to gently but firmly press down on dd's toungue while she sucks on my pinkie to keep her tongue over her gums while she sucks to slowly remind her to suck better. Also I was told to recline while nursing with her face coming down to my breast so that she could better cope with the milk (as opposed to her being lower than my breast). Her latch didn't look wrong, but it was. I'll post the link I was given in just a minute. I've got to find it first. I hope this helps. Keep us posted.
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