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I am starting my first Zoloft dose tonight, just before I go to bed. I was prescribed Zoloft for Postpartum anxiety and intrusive thoughts that are causing a lot of panic attacks. I have a 19 month old and a 7 month old.
I can't seem to fight these panic attacks anymore. I try not to drive long distances, because I'm afraid of having a panic attack behind the wheel, and I try my hardest to push through the nights where it's just me and the kids and my husband is gone.
I hate being alone. I can do it, but I panic until my husband gets home.
Anyway, I am visiting a psychologist this coming Monday, and I'm waiting for a referral to a psychiatrist. The referral has been sent, I'm just waiting to hear from them.
I was evaluated by an ER psychiatrist, and I also saw one 3 ish months back (I didn't like him, and I won't go back)
I panic when I get these intrusive, scary thoughts, and in turn, they cause a panic attack. I'm hoping with the help of my own support system, professional counselling, andZoloft, that I can get my life back and be the Mom I know I am. Right now I'm just a zombie, who's always dizzy, tired and emotional.. I hope to God this gets better

I'm just looking for some positive stories about starting Zoloft, and any other advice or tips is greatly appreciated too!

Thank you
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