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I first posted this in Health and Healing and someone recommend I x-post this here. Sorry to bombard you all...<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="innocent"><br><br>
I wonder if anyone can help me with this...<br><br>
I am nearly 11 weeks postpartum, I stopped bleeding at around 6 weeks, but since then I have had a steady yellow (sometimes yellow-green discharge). It is really slimy, but no has no real odor. (Yeah, I know, I don't even like writing about it.) My midwife detected leukocytes in my urine at week six and sent me to the OB who said I had an "imbalance of natural flora". She put me on Flagyl (sp?) and then two treatments with Cleocin. The first one did nothing, but the Cleocin seemed to help while I was on it, but it is back again. (My midwife also had me rinse ((not douche)) with a hydrogen peroxide mixture with an epi bottle.)<br><br>
I know it isn't a big deal, but first pregnancy irritation and now this, I haven't been able to have sex since September 2007! It has been so frustrating.<br><br>
Someone told me it could be related to breastfeeding, due to hormones?<br><br>
I am tired of taking all this medication while breastfeeding. If it is an imbalance, could I try some probiotics or something homeopathic? It is definitely not yeast, I have had my fair share of yeast. Would probiotics exacerbate the imbalance?<br><br>
Sorry for the long post, I hope someone has some insight.
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