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Postpartum itching??

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Congrats to all the new Mamas!! I'm sorry I haven't posted much, haven't had much time since DD #2 was born, lol.....just popped on to ask a quick question.

Has anyone else experienced postpartum vaginal itching? I'm 11 days PP and my vag is itching....nothing too unbearable, but enough that I can't ignore it. I'm going to call my midwife on Monday, but it didn't seem urgent enough to warrant a weekend call. I am worried about yeast, but since I stopped eating sugar 5 weeks ago, I shudder to think it's that. My instincts are leading me to think that it's due to dryness, which seems odd since I'm still bleeding. I'm hesitant to put anything on it because I'm still healing from a couple of small tears. Any ideas on what it could be or what I can do to relieve it??

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Gosh.. it's been four years since I was PP (but hopefully soon I'll join you!
)... but.. I know that when scabs/scars/tears/etc are in the healing stages, it can itch terribly. Just like after any surgery, the incision site can be itchy, but not necessarily a cause for concern.

(but heck, I could just be crazy too... that's just my first thought!)
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I have the itching at where I assume there are repairs for my tears (going to give my body a few weeks before I start poking around with a mirror) and occasional burning as well. I've just assumed it was a normal part of the healing process but I am interested to hear what your midwife has to say.
I thought it might just be the healing kind of itching....cause I had a lot of burning when I peed around the little tears and today I had no burning, but itching instead. I'll check in with the midwife and let ya'll know what she says.

Thanks for the support!!!
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