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postpartum TMI (XP in birth)

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Baby was born last monday. I had a normal vaginal delivery with an episiotomy. Today I noticed a big piece of swollen flesh coming out of my vagina. It does not hurt and goes back in when I push on it. It does not seem to be related to the epi. Lochia seems normal, still bright red and flow has stayed steady for about the past week, like that of a normal period. What is this piece of flesh and should I be worried about it? I have also been having a lot of pelvic aching around where your legs meet your pelvis. anybody else have this?
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IT is probably nothing-my parts down there had some sorta new looking parts right after delivery too-They are gone now.something like how your sking on your belly gets all stretched out-so does that skin and so there is like a little extra for a while KWIM?
I could have written your post. I have a small lumpy thing that was new to my vaginal region that appeared after my first was born. It freaked me out, but my obgyn told me it was normal and nothing was wrong, and 8 years later it's still there but causes me absolutely no problems. As for the achiness, for me it lasted for about a month pretty badly. Your whole crotch area has been through A LOT and it will take a while for it to recouperate. Standing for long (even 5 or 10 minutes) stretches was misery. By the time I had my six week appointment I felt so much better.
Where is the tissue located?

Our 'g-spot' is our female prostate, which is located just under your pubic bone, inside your vagina. At birth, the baby's head comes out and you often see this bulging tissue sticking out, about the size of a nickel, as the baby's head is emerging. Since all of those tissues get swollen and all discontented
during birth, it makes sense that you might just have a 'swollen prostate!' LOL

Thank goodness we don't have to have the manly-exam to have our prostates examined!

If you lay down on the bed on your back, where is the bulging tissue located - 12:00 would likely be your prostate.
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