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Does she seem upset about the accidents? She really has to WANT to be accident-free in order to make it happen. If she doesn't seem to care, then she doesn't really have any motivation to make it to use the potty consistently. "Upset" doesn't have to mean that she starts crying or anything like that, but I know some kids who will wet their pants and then just keep on playing with wet pants on. Or some kids will take off their wet pants, but still just keep playing without telling their parents or asking for dry pants or anything.

If she does seem upset, then I would try to bring her to the potty twice as often as you have been, explaining that one way to keep from having accidents is to go to the potty more often. If that's a no go (I know some kids won't pee on demand), then I'd have her be naked as much as possible. If that doesn't help, you could introduce some incentives, like stickers or chocolate chips or whatever. I know it's hard to imagine using rewards of that kind, but I've heard that since there is no real external motivation to use the potty (aside from not having to wear diapers. . . which she's already experiencing), that rewards of this kind can really work with potty learning. Definitely only push the positive reinforcement. . . no negative reactions to wetting at all.

But if she doesn't seem self-motivated to use the potty, I would seriously try to get her back in diapers of some sort (maybe a really absorbent and waterproof cloth training pant?). Because until she's really ready, it's just going to do bad things for your relationship with her if she's always having accidents with no end in sight.

My ds potty-trained at 25 months and was immediately dry at night and naps and everything. But then a few weeks in, he started wetting the bed occassionally, maybe 1-3 times a week, and we decided that we'd all sleep better if he were wearing a diaper. He was pretty resistant, but we explained that it was for "just incase" he peed in his sleep. He takes the diaper off first thing in the morning, and even though it's usually dry, it's so nice to have the peace of mind that's he's wearing it. We're all sleeping through the night again.


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