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Oh, you have all my sympathy. My DS is just turning 2 but we've been thru the EC mill with him lately. He was doing so great until a few months ago when he first went on strike then got sick and he's never been quite the same since. For me the poo is the worst...especially as we hardly dealt with it before.

Anyway it has been slightly better lately. He doesn't like to be cleaned up after a poo so we have been trying to explain to him that if he goes in the potty we won't have to clean him up and his bottom won't get sore from rash/redness; that pee pee and poo poo is good to get out but bad to leave on his skin Also we talk about the difference between "big boys" and "babies". Basically we are trying to explaain everything...

However he is still perfectly happy wearing a diaper.

So I don't have any great advice for you but I completely empathize with the difficulty you are facing. Plus most of the EC boards are focused on babies not older toddler setbacks so its hard to find advice.
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