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Potty learning issue...

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Elle is 25 months. She has been telling me when she poops (after the fact) for a few months now. We have a potty chair for her and we also have a little seat to put over the toilet. When we put her the potty chair she sits for a few seconds and gets up without doing anything. When we put her on the toilet she sits there and continually flushes the toilet but also does not do anything.

The issue that we are having is that she has been taking off her diaper and peeing on the floor. She was taking off her diaper right after peeing/pooping but now she is taking it off before but when we sit her on the potty/toilet immediatly she still won't do anything. Any suggestions?
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Well, I wish I had some great advice, but that's kinda where we are now, and mine is three. I was told that when he pees, no matter where it is, just tell him what he's doing, then say, "I pee in the toilet" or on the potty, wherever. Also, having potty chair wherever the child is most of the time.
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