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Potty Learning: WWYD?

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**Travelling question!**

I'm finding this very confusing, so I want to solicit some outside opinion.

DS is 2-1/2. He uses the potty quite well, but not 100%. He has a wet diaper in the morning, although he has woken up dry, he tends not to want to use the potty first thing. He definitely has control and can produce (
)if on the potty. Like if he's on the potty and I'm reading a book and I tell him that he either needs to actually use the potty or get off, he will squeeze out some pee.

Tuesday/Wednesday he wore underwear, his request. Tuesday, one wet accident. Wednesday, one poopy accident in afternoon, DCP put him in a diaper after that. Today, he did not want to wear underwear and requested to wear a diaper. (Maybe he didn't like the poopy accident?)

The situation is that we are going on a 2 week trip to China in 1 month. This entails a 13 hour plane flight to get there, less than ideal bathroom facilities in some cases, no washer, etc. Lots of travelling and being out and about.

Do I go ahead and push the underwear? If we weren't going to China, I would probably just limit the diapers for night/nap time and go gung ho with the underwear the rest of the time.

His DCP takes him to the potty regularly and he usually (even when not doing underwear) has only 1x accident per day. The DCP is willing to do whatever we want. There is a slight language barrier when I talk with her - DH is fluent in Mandarian and can comminute better with her if there's something we need to be asking or communicating with her in particular.

So if you could just share with me what your next step would be and why, I would appreciate it! DH & I just aren't sure.
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You do know how bulky disposibles are right? Travelling with even a few days' worth is not worth thinking about. Where would you dispose of them? Where would you buy more and how expensive might they be?

China is a mainly EC place where lots of babies don't use nappies at all. I would run with the underwear - a months is a long time and if he is doing well with the potty now then you put him back in nappies that will be horrible for him.

You could take some trainers with you when you go but generally it is very easy to be out and about with boys as they will pee more or less anywhere - into bottles, jars, drains, bushes and toilets if you can find any! Poo may be more tricky but I don't think that a nappy is an ideal bathroom facility for a 2.5 year old either. Youwill need to offer him poo opportinities when you are somewhere he can poo in comfort or invest in a travel potty like this

Have a great trip!
Thanks orangefoot!

We actually use sposies now.
: (cloth diaper dropout) So I know I could bring the amount we need with not that much trouble.

My main concern is the clothes issue. We have accidents now and it's no big deal because I can do laundry. DS has a limited amount of clothes as it is. I'll make a note to check into the laundry situation. We could probably do a load at DH's aunt's place.

Also, DS is particular, shall we say, so I don't see him peeing on the side of the road.
I know that's what some kids do in China, but I'm not sure I want to encourage that as it's not accepted here. I think the practice is being discouraged in China, as well, at least in the big cities. With the bathroom thing, I often had trouble finding a bathroom in time for myself, so I can see how it could be a problem with a toddler.

But you're right, it's not fair to him to put him in diapers if he's ready to be potty learned. And we have a month. Time to gear up!

Any one else like to provide their input? Pretty please.
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Anyone? I should have put something about travelling in the title, I suppose!
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I'd probably go with pull-ups...perhaps from now until when you get home?
Even if he gets pretty good with the undies here, many kids regress when there is a big change in their routine and lots of different stuff to learn about and pay attention to.

With that in mind, we switched back to dipes when we travelled to Costa Rica this winter and didn't regret it. We still brought underwear with us and when it would be a day that we were going to be staying around the house my ds wore underwear or ran around naked. But on days that we would be running errands or travelling we definitely did diapers since public restrooms were rare.
Thanks kofduke & straighthaircurly for your input!

I really do think diapers (in this case, pull up type) are going to be necessary for our travelling no matter how good he gets before then.

Today he picked a diaper again in the morning. He has the option of underwear or diaper when he picks out his clothes. I don't think I'm going to force the undies (remove the diapers) until after we get back. No point in having to go through it again when we return!

Even though he choose the diaper, he did ask to use the potty and was sucessful before putting it on. So it's like a best of both worlds for now since he can put the diaper on and off himself. We'll probably need to give him the push of no diaper to get him fully potty learned, but I do think we'll hold off on that.
Well, for the last two days DS picked underwear and had no accidents! He didn't even wet his diaper overnight and waited to use the potty (even though it was 20min after he woke up - we have to nurse first
). And then he went and got on the potty again by himself 20 min later because he needed to go somemore. WHoa! Maybe he is just ready!

Today he picked a diaper, though, because we got Dora pullups yesterday (his choice) and he loves them. Once we get back from our trip, I think we'll just have to get rid of all the diapers from the house to make the transition to undies.

We shall see how it all goes down before the big trip ...
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I would use pullups and let him think they're undies? AJ was potty trained when we went to see my mom this summer and we ended up putting him back in pullups after like 2 days b/c he was constantly wetting himself. It wasn't worth the hassle while we were on vacation.

I'm curious about this too because DS is just now really potty learning big time, and if he's diaperless with pee on the potty all the time. Poo, not so much. But in two months we're moving to Alaska and driving up... I'm sooo not sure what that will be like.
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Your DS sounds EXACTLY like my DS. If it were me I'd go with pull-ups. That's what we use for nap and night time. It would work for the plane and whenever else a bathroom is not immediately accessible. I would keep asking him if he has to go even though he is wearing the pull-up but just keep in on in case. Who wants to deal with an accident on the plane or in certain situations.

Best of Luck!
Hey, we're here in China (US Expats) and just wanted to mention the bathroom situation here in regards to potty-learners... DD (22-mo) often goes in the great outdoors without so much as a second look (well, no more than usual anyway), so yes, although the authorities are discouraging the traditional necessities of EC, it's still perfectly acceptable and often necessary as public restrooms are few and far between (for example, only one bathroom in an entire busy shopping mall).

What we do with DD when out and about is take her to the potty whenever there is an available place. I carry 2 extra pairs of pants, 1 extra pair of underwear, a plastic bag, 2 diapers -- doesn't take much room. I find that DD has fewer accidents when out because I am more proactive.

Plane travel is totally different. I'm hoping DD will be more predictable when we travel to the US this summer, cause I'd like to not haul diapers if I can.

Can you plan to pick up some more pairs of pants before you travel, or buy some here (they're cheap!) because most folks don't have a dryer here, so you'll need to figure drying time into the number of pants you bring.

Hope you have a great trip!
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