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Potty Motivation!

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DD (26 mo) has started to want to use the potty again, but she uses it once then will not go again for a few weeks, she refuses so I obviously do not push the issue. Yesterday her cousin came over with her DD who is a little younger and she saw her changed and wanted to take off her diaper and use the potty (then wanted a disposable diaper on like the other little girl! yikes!!!). For some reason it made her decide to use the potty and she peed in it today.

Anyhow how to keep her wanting to keep using it? I have considered stickers but hate to bribe her! Any input? For long periods of time she is dry now and she has always told us for a long time when she needs her diaper changed (but less lately which is odd) so I think its a good time - if she is ready.
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I think a little bribery can go a long way in certain situations LOL. WHen DS needed a little motivation to keep going in the beginning, I'd give him hand stamps, stickers, etc. to help him be more excited about using the potty. It didn't last more than a week or two and really gave the extra boost we needed to continue on. What I mean is, a little incentive can be useful, and won't necessarily make her always expect rewards for using the potty, kwim?
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