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Potty Recommendations for 18 month old DS?

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Hello mamas!

My 18 month old DS is beginning to express a lot of interest in the potty, and I'd like to have one for him to try, maybe learn to use it sooner rather than later. I have no interest in pushing him, but rather fulfilling his natural curiousity.

My question is this:
Is one potty better than another? Do I really need a Pee-guard for the front? I was looking at wood potty chairs and haven't seen any that have a pee-guard.

Any recommendations?

Thanks so much!
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When he's a little bigger, Baby Bjorn makes a great seat that fits right on top of the regular toilet seat - it's adjustable, and has a pee guard, and is molded to fit kid's shapes.
If you have a pee gaurd then get one that is molded into the seat. Ones that attach often grab important body parts. You can survive with out a pee gaurd. The children that used potty chairs perfered ones that the pot slid out of (from the back/underside). We had one the pot sat into a whole, if they would wiggle to much it would move slightly and pinch them.

Pee gaurds are not only for boys. My daughters would sit at the right angles to pee right out of the potty (squat, or lean way back). LOL
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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