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potty strike after two weeks of ec??

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hi, i started doing ec with my 6mo son about 2 weeks ago. at first it was going really well and we were getting more in the potty than on the floor...then gradually it got worse and when i put him on the potty he screams. when i hold him over the sink, bath etc its a little better but he still gets really fussy and wont pee. then he pees on me or the floor.

should i put him back in diapers for awhile and try again in a few weeks?

any one else experience this so early into ecing?
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Not quite so early, but yes, our nearly three month old DS suddenly started refusing the potty. We backed off a little, I think we were getting too stressed about it and focusing too much on outcome rather than process. We decided to only put him on the potty at diaper changes or if he gave a really clear signal, and take him off the potty immediately if he twisted or fussed. Within a week we were back to our usual high catch/low miss rate. FWIW, this "strike" coincided with my having purchased bright bots training pants for him, which are not quite waterproof (but oh so cute) and probably raised my stress level and his. We went back to diapers when out and nakey-butt at home and soon we were back on track. We use the bright bots on occasions when we can be more relaxed about a possible miss.

Good luck.
Yep, DD and I went through this... same thing as lizajane30: I was too stressed about getting to the pot and DD didn't want the neg emotion. So, I cooled myself off (after a two day break) and when we got back to it, she was just as good as she had been before.

good luck!
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yeah i think the experience you both had is probably what is going on. i get so caught up in wanting to catch everything i start putting that before the communication aspect. well, im gonna relax and see what happens

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