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Potty strike at 9.5 months

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My son Henry was completely potty trained for his poops from age 4 months until 9 1/2 months (the last 2 weeks). All of a sudden he no longer wants to be held over the potty to go, he just squirms and twists and cries. This has coincided with an extreme increase in his ability to get around by himself- so I feel like he he just doesn't want to hold still to go anymore. Shold I keep trying, give it up completely, or what? I have been still taking him when he seems to need to go but once he protests much I put him down, put the diaper back on. He always poops right after the diaper goes back on. I have tried sitting him on a little potty but this doesn't work either. Thanks mamas!
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My friend had the same issues when her ds started to be more mobil. I'll have to ask her what she did and get back to you. However my 3.5 month old ds has the same issues with pees sometimes. It seems to happen when he doesn't have to go too bad. He squirms and when I put his prefold back on he pees. It is frustrating but I don't want to push too hard and make this a negative experience. My only advice for now is don't give up trying and to maybe try a floor potty - one that he can go to when he wants. If you haven't used one before it might take some introducing to first. Otherwise I'll have to see what my friend did to overcome this issue.

Until then!
This is completely normal. It's normal for him and it's normal for you to be perplexed by it.

It passes.

Keep bringing up using the potty, but respect his desire to not use it, is my advice. I would put my dd in diapers when she got like this b/c she would just pee where-ever. She is now 23 months and has been in panties full-time and completely toilet-trained since she was...19 months old. That amazes me considering how often she was in diapers due to her strikes and our life changes. LOL
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