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Hello everyone.
I'm new here and wanted to write about my potty trainng adventure with my daugher.
I have heard about EC when my daughter was 6 months old and it was already too late to start EC with her. I tried the sound association method but didn't work with her. However, at the same time I started sitting her on the potty. My intentions were that she would get into a routine of sitting on the potty at regular times throughout the day, such as upon waking up, going to bed or after meals and by the time she's physically ready we will put all the pieces together.
We had times when I could "catch" pees and poops in the potty. We even had a time when she was signing pee and had to stop by the road to have her pee. Oh, but that lasted only a few weeks. Then she went through several stages, from pooping in the diaper every singe time she would wake up from sleep or nap to pooping only in the poty for about two months. Pee-pee has always been harder for her.
She knows both the sign and the language for no1 and no 2. but rearely announce it. She also knows the visual sign for toilet and everytim we go into a public place that has a restsoom she wants me take her there. But once we're in the toilet room whe had me sit on the potty.
She is 23 months old and and going through another potty strike for about three weeks now. She's been pooping almost exclusively in the diaper and what's worse is that she cries when I suggest changing her poopy diaper. I'm really bummed because for a few days she's been waking up totally dry but refuses to use the potty and pees in the diaper (pull-up) after she wakes up.

I need to add that she's been fully cloth-diapered since she was 5 months old, but that has never bothered her. So she's never been uncofortable sitting in a wet prefold or a poopy diaper.
We use either cloth training pants or nothing at home and when she pees on the floor she starts crying.

If you had patience to read so far, I have a few questions for you mommies.
1. I'm afaraid right now that I might have pushed the potty too hard to someone who's obviously not interested in that part of life. Shall I back off for a while? I mean totally back off and put her in diapers?

2. I can't use cloth diapers anymore because she likes to put on the pull-ups herself. I have been researching cloth training pants but I don't think she's there yet. The paper pull-ups have a good absorbancy for a big 2-year old pee. Do you recommend some good cloth training pants?

Any other suggestions are more than welcome.
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sounds like a tough spot, i hope you've had a breakthrough by now!
my only suggestion would be, use the training pants, double them if you need to. Whether you do this full time or part time is up to you, but just focus on communicating and dont bother counting catches and misses.
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