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My son turned 3 in January, so we started working on Potty Training. After about 2 weeks, we were completely pee trained with minimal accidents at night. We just now passed 3 weeks for no poop in the underwear, and we are very took awhile. However, as of about Wednesday, we started having pee accidents. We have just been inside due to the heat, so it isn't a matter of being out and having too much fun. He will pee JUST enough to get his underwear wet, then run to the potty to finish. Last night, he soaked the bed twice (12 am and 5 am) and he had pottied before bed, and didn't have any late night drinks. Today he had 3 "leaks" before running to the potty.

We asked him if it hurts to pee, he said no. No fever, isn't acting unusual in any other way. HELP! Is this just a normal regression or could something else be going on? He doesn't like it when he is wet, he immediately tells us he had a leak and wants some dry clothes.

Thanks for any help/advice!
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