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Pouch for older baby?

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I've just received a very nice gift in the mail from a friend -- a lovely pink handmade pouch for my DD. I'm worried, though, that it's too small for DD, who is 8 months old and 29 inches long (although she's still only 15 pounds.) I used to use a pouch for her when she was smaller, but doubt she'd fit in one now. So I'm wondering if there's any other way to use this pouch. Is it possible to use it like a hip carrier somehow? Or does anyone here use a pouch for an older baby? I'd really like to utilize this pouch since it was so sweet of my friend to send it to me. Do any of you experienced baby-wearers here at MDC have any ideas on how we might be able to use it?

Thanks in advance for any advice you might have!
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I actually PREFER to use the pouch with older babies. Throw her in the hip carry position or facing you, with her legs out. Like this:
New Mexico Beach, thank you, that's so cool! I'm going to go and try it as soon as DH and DD get home.

Cute demonstration pic too.
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I use a pouch for my 14mo dd all the time. It is my favorite carrier for quick trips. They are so easy to pop dd in and out of. And they are very comfortable for hip carries. Good luck to you!
Definitely try a hip carry!
Yep. The pouch is GREAT for older babies on the hip. I carry my 2.5 year old on my hip in one all the time. How sweet of your friend to gift you one!
So we tried it, and it works great!! It's comfortable and very easy to get DD in and out, and it works for either hip. I'm so glad we'll be able to use my friend's sweet gift. DD looks adorable in her new pink carrier, too.

Thank you so much! MDC rocks!!
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