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Powdered Formula and Meningitis

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interesting article I picked up from the pediatricians at pedtalk

this article should be tucked into all those formula stocked diaper bags they give away at hospitals

edited to add: one of the ped's responded to the article that because the article said that formula was worse the longer it sat mixed and breeds more bacteria, thats why she always stores a thermos of water, clean bottles, and the powder seperate when she babysits her grandson. WHAT!?! knowing this, why would you even allow that stuff into your child by choice? she also did mention thats why breastfeeding is recommended, of course....i'm sure it is.
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OH MY GOD!!! I ue powdered formula for my son. I am rebuilding my supply but he still gets formula !! Does this mean that all formula is linked or just powdered? I want to give him just mm but it's not happening yet. I will switch to ready to feed or concentrate.

Cristian'smommy- I worry that may be a financial burden for you. Do you have resources that might help if it becomes too costly? If you have a friend or relative that can pump milk for your son it may help get your supply re-established more quickly. Since formula takes longer to digest it can be hard to fill in those gaps, kwim? I know it's unrealistic that you can get donated milk, but don't discount it, I and other MDC mammas have pumped our milk for our friends. Rebuilding supply is frustrating and hard. You might get some good advice from Starmama on these boards, she worked very hard to build a supply for her son.
Your son is lucky to have a mamma who works so hard for him.
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I don't have anyone who is bf that can donate bm. I am the only one of my friends and family that have a baby. I am gonna be 37 and all of my friends have kids my other kids ages. (11 and 8) The money is really not too much of a problem. I am getting about 6-8oz of ebm right now and am working really hard to build it up. I am hopeing to get him back to breast (he is 6months old) and we are slowly(very slowly) making alittle progress. Do you think that the concentrated or ready to feed is ok till I can get him off the suppliments??

I did not read the article in the link, but from what I am told, concentrated or RTF formulas are sterilized, and powder cannot be sterilized, so I think it is safer to use those two over the powdered.
That is true. Powder is the only one at risk due to the fact that it cannot be sterilized. It can also contain other harmful bacteria, not just meningitis. I actually had to sign a waiver in the NICU to add in HMF to my breastmilk. Please keep in mind that this is VERY rare also, don't worry yourself sick. I unfortunatly have had to use powdered formula for a long time. The high calorie (preemie) formula DD needs only comes in powder. She has been on it since December of 2002 but we are switching to pediasure this week!! I'm glad. It comes in I think 4-5 flavors adn our dietician asked the insurance to send a mix of them all.
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