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Power Dry fleece???

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Has anyone used Power dry fleece in their diaper-making? I just bought a 23.2yd roll for $1 a yd-I just couldn't pass it up, and plan to use it for diapers for my #10 baby, a ds due June 29th, and my dd,2yrs, with spina bifida, who will probably be in diapers till she's 10 or so.

Any input would be helpful. Thanks!

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I have some on order to use for this purpose. It will be for the inner (next to the body layer). I have heard that it does not wick quite as well as fleece, though.

Here is what I will need to do when it arrives: pour a small amount of water on it and feel which side is dry. That is the side that goes facing the body. If your powerdry has a print, the print side may need to go AWAY from the body, as that is the way it would normally be worn for a garment.
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