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Power-Glide foreign language?

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Has anyone used any of their products? I have been thinking of getting the Latin for my girls. It is 50% off all children's products through Sunday so i was wondering if anyone had any opinions. It looks like a great product. Thanks!!
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We are about to start their latin this August. We've liked their spanish, the retention of words has been very high.

I went ahead and bought the Latin set for my girls. I wish it was feasible to purchase the French set as well. 50% off is a great deal.
Anyone who plans on looking the offer is only good until midnight tonight.

ETA I just checked the page again, it looks like it's through Sunday, not until Sunday.
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Wow, thanks for the heads up.

Question: is the $130 for the Children's package the before or after price?

Also, how much was shipping?

Nevermind about shipping, it's only like $12.
I am sure it is the before price. They discount was taken off at checkout. Make sure you get any extra work books ore anything you need during the sale.
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