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Powerful Stuff !!

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I just wanted to share this with you all. I thought it was sort of funny and glad that I am supported.

I work in an ER, today my dad kept my little boy until my boyfriend got off work. He brought him here so they could "switch" off and Jeremy could pick up the milk I had pumped at work. Well, there is a FNP here that wanted to see the baby, so I brought him in to see her and of course everyone was going on about how cute and big he was. I haven't had him weighed in about a month, so I was curious. I had one of the nurses weigh him and he weighed 16 pounds !!!! he will be 4 months on the 16th. Anyway, one of the male nurses said he wish he could have seen the baby but he was with a patient when he was here. They were all talking about how big he was and when the male nurse asked how much I said he weighed 16lbs..he looked at me and said " wow that sure is some powerful stuff you're feeding him...keep it up mom, you are doing a great job, he is a healthy baby and it's obvious why"

It just made me feel good that someone else supports me especially a male and the fact that he wasn't embarrassed about it or acted shy like some men, he actually jokes about it all the time. Anyway, that's my story and I just wanted to share....

Proud Mommy to Jaryn 4-16-06 :2bfbabe:
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yup, breastmilk grows some lovely babies!
what a fantastic comment! and what a wonderful baby you have!
that is so cool. I bet it made you feel real good to know your son is thriving so wonderfully on that mama milk!
I have a big baby as well. Isn't it wonderful to look at that sweet hunk of love and know that it's all because of your mama milk??
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