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Okay, we shared slobbery pretzels with a poxy kid. About two weeks later, my little one had itchy red bumps on her bum, and a couple nice-looking dewdrop pock-looking things on her upper thighs.

Then nothing. She now has a patch of dry skin/excema on her bum and some other red bumps, but no weeping, no scabs. I thought for sure she had the pox, but now I am not sure at all. In fact, I even doubt it. Has anyone had a mild case? Anyone have a kid with pox in just one bodily area? Or am I still on the pox hunt?
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Nope - doesn't sound like pox to me (sorry) - Even with a slight case you would still have seen them ooze and crust and scab... keep looking!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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