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Hi! I'm new to the forum. I posted this in breastfeeding, but now I'm thinking I should have posted this here. I thought my feelings were due to weaning, but I'm wondering if they are not now. Here is what has been going on with me:
For the past few months ever since I started very slowly weaning my baby (who is 15 months now) I have been experiencing terrible symptoms of anxiety, depression, major mood swings, fatigue, hot flashes, the most TERRIBLE insomnia, losing hair, uncontrollable moments of crying, feeling of being completely overwhelmed over simple tasks.

I got my first cycle in December and expected to feel better, but I did not. I just recently had one more. I've been to multiple doctors - who have been no help really. One gave me sleeping pills that didn't work and told me I just needed sleep. The other has been a bit more helpful, but said I was just stressed and needed to take time for myself.

I have tried everything there is! I have soaked in Epsom salts, used essential oils, I already eat a healthy balanced diet, I exercise (running and cardio) every other day, I take all kinds of supplements (vit d, fish oil, evening primrose, a good probiotic, etc). I have one cup of coffee a day early in the morning. I wake up at the same time and go to bed at the same time every day (although I lie awake for hours because of the insomnia). I've done everything I have been told to do. I'm 27 and this is my 4th child. I do have a slow thyroid which has been checked 3 times and is perfect. I go to a chiropractor every week. But I am STILL struggling terribly with this! I have no history of depression/anxiety/insomnia. I've never had any of these feelings ever in my entire life! I drink magnesium and an herbal sleepy tea at night which helps a little. I'm just feeling hopeless, defeated, and discouraged.

I do have good days too. I think I'm better and then it comes back that night or the next day. I officially weaned my daughter about 3 weeks ago in hopes of that balancing out my hormones. I've just had another cycle, and slept Okay for about a week, but the past few nights I can't fall asleep till 3am and woke up wide awake at 6:30am. Does anyone have any advice or thoughts for me? I have 4 children, so I NEED to be able to sleep. I'm barely functioning! If I knew for sure that it will get better it would help me make it through this, but I'm worried I will struggle with this forever since it's been so long. Please help!

My doctor doesn't think an antidepressant will help me, and she doesn't want me to take sleeping pills because of the addiction possibility. I'm just at a total loss!

Has anyone been through this so late after a baby? It did all start roughly around her first birthday. Could it be PPD/A? Does PPD get better eventually?

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