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PPD and trying to get off Effexor!

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I got severe post partum psycosis and had to be hospitalized 2.5 months after the wonderful homebirth of my son.(I am 25 and it is baby #1 born 8-1-04) It was like everything was great one day then I crashed and thought I would die and could not function. The state sent me to a mental hospital where I was treated inhumanely and drugged to the max. I have never had mental issues before either and I am in very good health.

I have been trying to get of Effexor but it is like I am addicted to it now. I want to do anything to get off it, but when I rty I can't sleep ect. I am considering a homeopath, acupunctre, massage, therapy, exercize, tanning, combo to get off. My psychiatrist is nothing but a pill perscriber so that does not help a lot.

Can someone please help me. This is the first place I have found a discussion on the topic with real (not always meds!) solutions!
Thank you and God bless, Jennifer
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I'm sorry you're having a hard time! I know lots of women have trouble coming off Effexor. Some women even get suicidal so please be careful! It's very important to wean yourself off the meds very very slowly. I've heard that you can even open the pills and separate the beads out and mix some in with apple sauce so you're tapering even more gradually. I think it's important to have support in the transition. I think seeing a therapist would be a good idea, if you don't feel comfortable with your psych. Also, exerise, massage, healthy eating, omega-3s, etc. are all good steps. Take care. You'll get there.
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