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Practically FFS ON Mess. Bag (great cd diaper bag!) Take off $1! pic!

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I have an Old Navy Messenger Style (one strap, crosses across chest) Bag...we used them as our diaper bags because they hold lots of fluffy cd's, and they worked fantastic for us when we sling ds, as it doesn't fall off the shoulder.
This one is an army green color w/black accents. It has a large section, a medium section, a small pocket (which was perfect for my wallet & phone), and a side water bottle style pocket (which was perfect to hold a sippy cup).
Here's the catch...why it is almost ffs....the small front pocket zipper doesn't work anymore, the zipper goes back & forth, but doesn't actually zip.

It is gently worn, but in good condition-I just got a new one from the Gap that is pretty much identical.

It is bigger, so I am guessing it'll cost probably $4-$5 to mail it, so I was thinking $8? Or make an offer if you can use it. I would like it to find a new loving home...these are great bags.

I can get a pic if necessary, just lmk. Thanks!
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