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Practicing/Retired Midwife Roll Call

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I'd like to see who we have on board as midwives go.

Please give the following:
Your Name
Your Location
Your Type Of Practice
How Long You Have Been Practicing, or How Long You Practiced Before Retirement
How Long You Think You Will Practice (if app)

Thanks women!!!!
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pamela (
salem, oregon
homebirth practice
I've had my own practice for about five years
I'd like to practice for awhile longer, but not necessarily 20 years or anything.
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central pa
2 years
homebirth/lactation consultant
expect to practice for 20+ more years-i've waited a long time to get this practice going
Home birth
CPM and licensed in Colorado
I hope to have quite a few years in practice

edited to update me
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Ann Arbor, MI
homebirth/fertility counseling/well-woman care/doula
I just took over my practice in January, but had been doing primary work before then
I hope to practice for many years
Toronto, Ontario
3+ years
Until I cannot anymore (hoping 20+ years)
Northern Louisiana
6 months on my own, two years total
I started young so I could go longer...I want to do this until I can't work anymore (so 40+ years, Lord willing)
Thanks for everyone who posted so far!
Southeastern MA & Cape Cod
6th year as a CPM, birthwork for 9 years
A long time...
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Ontario Canada
6 months (now I'm on Maternity leave!)
I want to practice as long as I possible can!
Atlanta, GA
Hospital Medwife
6 years with 2 years off to be a L&D nurse in the middle
Another year or two? Until our second child is born
bump- another interview a midwife thread comming soon
21 yrs maybe longer can't remember exactly
I took several years very very slow when the kids were young sometimes only 1-2 births per year

as long as I am called and have a way to get there

Spokane WA

Homebirth and well-woman care

Went from CBE to doula to CNM. Began private practice as a midwife 12 years ago in my early 40's.

Plan to practice until I can't, then, God willing, I'll do what I still can.
Dallas Ft/Worth

10 years in various capasities, passed my narm in '00.

Quitting indefinately in January to focus on my growing children.

Pennsylvania/New Jersey

Home/hospital birth, well-woman gyn

Graduated from CNM school in 2003, had a baby, worked as a nurse for a bit, then worked in a hospital midwifery practice for one year, and have been with my current practice since January '06. Now on maternity leave with my new babe

A long time...
in practice for 1 year after grad, moved, now beginning to practice again, have been attending births for 9 years
I imagine I will practice for many years to come.

Originally Posted by BetsyS
Atlanta, GA
Hospital Medwife
6 years with 2 years off to be a L&D nurse in the middle
Another year or two? Until our second child is born
BetsyS, you call yourself a medwife? I'm curious why!
Colorado (for now)
Brand spanking new CNM (passed AMCB boards TODAY
: )
Desperately hoping for a birth center job somewhere, someday....
I want to practice forever, if I can
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Good grief Becki... there is a birth center in Englewood that NEEDS a CNM because a) it's the law and b) Tracy is positively swamped with 10 per month SOLO. Want some info? Write to me at [email protected] and I'll hook you up if you're interested! She was my DEM preceptor.

Congratulations on the pass! I started finishing prereqs for nursing school this semester (did most of the fluff now doing the science).
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