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Pre Fold stiching question....

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Just wondering about the toddler cpf's....I have premiums and saw a friends "toddlers" but they had green stiching all the way around it not just at the ends and I was wondering if they are really cpf's or just a different kind. Also, they didn't look much bigger than the premiums. I ask because I was going to go to the next size, but I don't like the idea of stiching all the way around. Thanks, Tara
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They really are true chinese prefolds. The stitching does go all the way around. I didn't notice a difference in comfort on my dd or anything though. I think they are just too wide to have folded edges.
same with mine. The stitching doesn't bother my guy.
Okay thanks. I just wanted to check and I'm sure my guy will be fine with it too. You know it's us who usually find things unappealing or something and our kids could care less.
Thanks again.
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