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Pre-Ovulatory Weird Dreams?

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I wonder if anyone else has this same phenomenon? About a few days to a week before I ovulate, I have very bizarre, sometimes scary, very realistic dreams. The content of the dreams varies, but the general clear, vivid, and bizarre-ness of them is the same. I don't really have dreams like this any other time of my cycle.

Just wondering! Clara
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Hmm I need to pay more attention to that kind of thing. There are times I have very vivid dreams. I am not sure if they fall in the O time frame but I do know that I normal don't even remember my dreams so when they happen like that it is very strange. Makes me wonder if it isn't the smae phenomenon you are experiencing.
I have always been a vivid dreamer but find that the low temps right before I o lead to a deeper and more dream-filled sleep than I normally get. I find that writing them down and trying to 'decode' them works well for the scary ones. They generally don't come back.

My friend called yesterday to tell me that she had a very vivid dream where I was pregnant and then had a beautiful baby boy who looked like my husband... hopefully that's a dream that will come true!
Fingers crossed for you, anonymousk! That kind of sounds like a good explanation! Now, if only I would have vivid good dreams, lol.

I hadn't noticed that (but since I'm charting for the first time this month that's not unusual!) but this cycle about a week before ovulating I DID have a very intense dream - that I was very late for work, and all these people (my family, mostly) kept making me even later. It turns out I WAS late for work that day, as I had accidentally hit "off" instead of "snooze" and was having this dream while I should have been showering and getting ready to leave.

Around 2 months ago I had another intense dream, that I was pregnant! I was healthy and proud of my belly but uncomfortable, tired, slightly nauseated and grouchy and people were getting on my nerves a lot. It may be a premonition! LOL I won't be TTC until winter at the earliest, but that was reassuring. Not sure if it was around ovulation or not, but it very well may have been.

Good luck to everyone TTC, I occasionally lurk here soaking up info for future use.
I've noticed that too. I have the craziest most vivid dreams around O. Last night I dreamed that DS learned to walk, except he was running instead of walking and I couldn't catch him! lol! It woke me up and I was wide awake and starving at 4am. Stuff like that just seems to happen around O. I wonder why. Eh..I get get generally weird around O. lol! Must be the hormones.
Well I have never noticed it before but last night I had some crazy dreams. I also dreamed I was ovulating. I am on CD8 I normally don't O this early but I am thinking maybe so. I had a bunch of very odd dreams last night as well lol.
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