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Pre-partum/pre-natal depression and homebirth?

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I'm 35-37 weeks and still not into this baby. I've tried reading the birth stories, homebirth books, the boards here thinking it'd help me get in the mindset and maybe it has a little, but I'm still not with the program. I feel like I owe my midwife (and myself) some sort of birthplan, even if it's just an oral rundown of what I do/don't want. Can't seem to care.

Truth be told, I'm mad at the world. Translation: I'd almost consider solo U/C at this point......and I don't really know why other than that I feel so physically drained, emotionally overwhelmed, and generally frustrated with the "support" people in my life.

I read up a bit on prenatal depression last night (hadn't heard of it before now). The suggested remedies are things I'd been working at already, to little avail. I have no support system allowing me a relaxing break from life, and that won't change. I try to make an effort with my diet (more protein), try to rest/sleep more, get out of the house once in a while. Helps a little.

Much of the depression with me is situational I'm sure; the rest awful awful hormones, soooo much worse than I've ever experienced before. I'm hopeful that once the hormones are through, I'll be better able to handle the situational stuff.

I'm not panicked about the birth, haven't thought about the pain, haven't mentally prepared myself one bit. And I guess I'm just wondering how my lack of preparation and connectedness to this baby is going to affect the birth. Is my normally calm self going to freak out and not be able to handle the pain, for example?

Anyone experienced prenatal depression? Any advice on how to lessen it? And lastly, what sort of effect is it going to have on the birth, on my bonding with the baby, etc.?
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What is it that you are depressed about?
That stinks that your support people are just not cutting it for you (I know how that is....I'm going to have a homebirth and some of my family is not too supportive).
Try to go to La Leche League meeting! Whether you want to breastfeed or not, you will definitely find at least one mamma that you can connect with.
Get out of the house! Walk in the beautiful sun in a park or just on the street!
Drink at least 64 ozs. of water.
I don't know how old your other children are, but go to the library-there's usually some type of "story time" or some other function going on. Go to your local malls and see if they have some type of a "kids club" (either FREE or $5/year).
But definitely get out of the house! Try to get help with housework and childcare (I don't know if your children are in school full time or not). Do stuff that makes you happy! Try putting on some music and just DANCE!
GOOD LUCK! Post back and let us know how it goes!
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Yep. I've struggled with prenatal depression as well.
Whoever these supporters are, get them into gear. Whatever overwhelming thoughts and emotions are on your mind, getting that baby out of your body and the hormonal meltdown calm is going to be a million times harder with crap on your mind. They need to keep their shit curtailed and help you out right now.
If solo-UC is where you feel you need to go, then go there. If you need the midwife, you'll know, and she's just a phone call away.
FWIW, my depression was crippling with my daughter, after two boys. I'm sure the female hormones make things worse: and somehow, for me, my identity is closely bound with being a mum-of-boys. I don't find that the birth was significantly different- long latent phase, then quick and painless, but I tend to have gentle labours anyhow.
I'm here if you need me.
Sorry- had a further thought. Try supplementing with EFAs. I don't know why, but my girl pregnancy took a lot more out of me than the boy ones did, and evening primrose oil really helped take the edge off my moods.
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