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Some posters were looking for info about hand strengthening activities and pre-writing skills, so here is a list from my favorite PT/OT.
.playdough, pushing stuff into playdough (coins, cookie cutters, cutting with knives/scissors)
.hole punching
.squeezing glue or paint tubes
.squirt guns, squirt toys
.holding onto a rope while being pulled on a scooter
.unwrapping gifts
.tearing tape
.peeling fruit/veggies
.play game of trouble
.stapling paper
.can opener
.squeezing sponges/rags
.carving pumpkins

.walk along straight, curvy and diagonal lines without shoes
.play hot potato
.play hula hoop to reinforce concept of circle
.walk around a square, round, circle, table blind folded
.finger paint
.draw in salt, oatmeal, paint, cornmeal, shaving cream, sand and play dough
.water painting
.stencil drawing
.feely shapes made out of yarn, sand paper
.obstacle course
.drawing in the air

Arm Strength
.drawing above head level on chalkboard, mural, easel, use whole arm movement
.large circular arm movement on vertical surface
.lifting, cleaning cabinets, chairs, tables and helping move objects
.stir and knead materials that are thick in consistency
.wheelbarrows and push toys
.shovels, digging
.wheelbarrow or bear crawl
.weighted balls
.drumming activities

I love these lists because they are things we tend to do anyways but it is reassuring to know they are developing skills as well.
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