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I suspect this is a praying, watching, and waiting game now. What will be will be and we can't guess yet what is in store for my little guy. I am just so glad we have him.

I really wish he needed me.
My 25 weeker went through similar problems. She is perfect now ( 9 yr old). Her gross motor skills were very delayed until she was about 3, but you would never know it. My 34 weeker had delays also, until about 14 months. She is now 3 & sassy! You are exactly right, it probably is just a praying & waiting game. We don't know what God has in store, but He does. He has known since the beginnning of time & we just have to pray that he will give you peace during this time. That is all that got me through. And he does need you. He needs you more than anything, he just doesn't realize it yet. You are his rock & his hope. My 34 weeker is much more "cuddly" than my 25 weeker. It kind of makes our hugs & touches more meaningful & special since she doesn't do it all the time like her sister. God has an amazing plan for you babe. And you are such an integral part of that plan. God Bless You! You are both in my prayers.
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