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Prefold to fitted, no serger, no FOE and it really works well

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(I am just starting to learn to sew).......... If I can do this, anyone can do it.

Makes for a very cheap fitted diaper, too. Darshani's site
gave me the idea, but I didn't want to bind the edges in microfleece. Tried using FOE and just couldn't get the hang of it. Tried a few turned and topstitched, finally got a few that looked good, but they're taking forever to dry. I also tried this without making a binding for the legs, just using a zig-zag and following with a straight stitch. Really does work just fine that way, but the bound edges are much cuter and comfy. Plus, they're not too hard to get the knack of.

The one on DD in the pic isn't the best fit of the lot, but still is pretty trim. I didn't salvage the cutout parts to sew as a soaker b/c I want these to dry on the line on humid days......when we go out, I add a hemp doubler and this will get a very heavy wetter thru 3 hours w/o full saturation. Works great with a snappi. I purposely left the front "raw" so that I can quickly eyeball the diaper and know which way to turn it when putting on DD.

Anyway! Thanks for all your help, ladies! If anyone (esp. beginners like me) wants full instructions, pm me and I'll help you out.

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Ooooh that's pretty! Great job!

Hi! I bound with 100% cotton calicos from the sale pile at Walmart and Jo-ann's. I cut 3" strips and then turn under the edges as I go around the diaper. Usually I sew the strip on one face of the diaper first, do my elastic, flip the diaper, and then sew the other side of the strip down. That way, you can pull the binding snug.

Tried cotton knits (chopped up T-shirts), but they were tricky b/c of the stretch. Both the knits and fleece are a lot for my presser foot to handle in conjunction with 4 layers of prefold, too. Kept getting all snagged up.
Great job! I am actually jumping into diapy making this week once all my fabrics come in the mail. I cant wait!
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