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Prefolds and Poop

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How in the world can you contain poop in a prefold?? Is there a secret? I'm using the bikini twist with a snappi right now until he poops, then I'll just tri-fold it into a bummis super ww.

Today, ds had a stomach thing I guess and went 4 times and each time, it leaked so I ran out of covers!! Help!!

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I know the bikini twist is supposed to create a pocket for the poop but frankly experience has shown me that the newspaper fold works better at containing things. Plus the poop gets into the creases of the bikini twist whereas with the np fold it's all in one area...sort of. I pin and find I get a better fit than with a snappi. HTH
I had bad luck with the same combo (bikini twist + stomach thing). I get a better fit in the legs if I do the reverse angel fold . . .
(1) Open CPF on top of (open) cover
(2) Fold excess in the back area
(3) Put baby on, trifold front, bring up wings in back and Snappi

Since there is more fabric in the leg area, I think it holds the poo in a bit better than the bikini twist.
I do the angel fold too. It makes little gussets if it's snappi'd snugly and holds the poops in. I found the bikini twist a little tricky, still haven't mastered it.
My best suggestion for CPFs is to stock up on ProRaps seconds. My CPFs always spill poop onto the covers, but when I buy $3 covers, I can have as many as I need.
Yup, I agree with Amy -- lotsa covers. Also, with a stomach thing, I don't think even the most expert folder is going to keep everything off the cover.
To order ProRaps seconds, call Pro Services directly. I did a search on Google, and I *think* their number is 1-800-397-8594. There is one shipping charge for 1-6 covers and another for 7-14 covers, so I always order 14. You can get a variety of sizes.
I was soooooo disappointed with prefolds the first time my baby had bf poop in it - there was poop everywhere!
I ONLY use pull-ons on my baby, so the functionality of the diaper depends solely on my folding and pinning/snapping it properly.
All it took was some practice.

Now, no matter whether I do a bikini fold or newspaper fold, my son's poops are ALWAYS nicely contained. It NEVER leaks into the cover anymore!!
As to the fold, the bikini fold has become my absolute favorite
because of my son's chubby legs.
I actually used to only like newspaper fold on my son because I just could not get his "twig and berries" to stop scaping from the bikini fold. It took a little practice and now it works perfectly.
As to Snappis, IMO, it is much easier to contain poop using Pins to hold the prefold in place - you get a more snug fit
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I can't contain poop in a bikini twist either. A tip for the newspaper fold: When you bring the wings up around your baby's waist, pull the wings up tight against the baby's thighs too (not just around). Then snappi. This should help hold poops in better
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