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prefolds and wool soakers

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Hi I use premium 4X8X4 prefolds on my dd that I cover up by wool soaker shorts. One pair that I have starts wicking through in less than an hour where the other ones I have dont. Is there something wrong with this soaker or do I need to increase the absorbancy by adding a doubler when using this pair of shorts?
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Maybe that one needs extra lanolizing. I have one that just keeps wicking, because of the size of the stitches
? I load up when I lanolize that one. :LOL
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Yeah, I'd say lanolize. I also notice that when I pin/snappi a cpf on I lose a lot of absorbancy. If I were going out and using a cpf w/soaker I would probably put a hemp doubler down the middle.
I would agree w/the pp's and lanolize. I have never had a wool soaker wick but I tend to wash and lanolize ours very often...and I reeeeealy lanolize those babies, I don't mean to, I am just incapable of using a teeny tiny amount. Can you over-lanolize?
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No, you can't really over-lanolize. You can make your soaker mighty sticky for a while, but it always soak in eventually.

However, I don't think lanolin is going to solve your problem. I think adding a doubler for that particular soaker would be your best bet.
I primarily use prefolds on Irelynn and I always use a doubler if she will be wearing a soaker. Works like a charm
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