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I have some Peik a boo diapers for sale. Size L some with snaps, some with Aplix.
Some girly prints (flowers ets)
Some gender neutral (jewish print, veggietales, checkered etc)

They have staining but overall in good condition. I am just going back to prefolds and covers. Now that we will have 2 in cloth.

I also have a Lukes Drawers Tye Dye Froggy Print diaper. Insert is stained,but otherwise great condition. 8.00 plus shipping (I paid 12.00ppd I think)

Few other mis WAHM fitteds with fleece liners. Aqua with Teddy Bears and Aqua Liner. 4.00 each

I also have 2 snug to fits 4.00 each.

I also have one frog print side snapping diaper. It is stained not sure the name but I paid about 13.00 for it. 6.50

I have about 12-15 (maybe more) Bleached Prefolds. Bought these off ebay thinking they were Premium size I would say they are the regular size. 1.25 each for non stained and 1.00 each for stained.

2 size Medium Bummi Side Snap cover with applique's added. butterflies and Red Hearts. 5.00 each***SOLD*****

Prices do not include shipping.
Prefer paypal only or will trade for
Bummis Pull on pant size Newborn, Small and Medium


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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