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OK, this is just from my experience with my skinny-legged 7 lb newborn ...

Even the Nikky nb size cover, in wool, was too wide-cut and the gussets in the legs did nothing to prevent blowouts...the covers I liked were cotn' wrap by basic connection, the SWW, and the bumkins vented. I know these are not wool (and I do LOVE wool) but they kept the poo in and were easy to wash (well, the cotn' wrap does stain, but it was so soft and nice)

For my little one I would have been best served in the first 3 weeks by the preemie prefolds OR the newborn sized prefolds in 4x6x4 ply (a little less bulk). His butt was sooo tiny. I trifolded into a velcro cover, but if you're going to snappi you can use the newborn/infant size and just fold down. We used infant size for ds for about 8 mos, till he was about 18 lbs.

Personally, for this next baby I'm hoping to get some kissaluv size 0 fitteds from some nice folks checking my registry. Then I can use more wool covers and not worry so much about it getting on the covers. Prefolds can be attached pretty snug but it takes practice.

Oh--I meant to add, check out greenmountaindiapers and (carries the same diapers) I love their ub prefolds they are strong, soft, and well made! I loved them!
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