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I am due to birth in days and have been struggling with a cough for weeks. I have been managing ok so I haven;t worried about it too much. Now I just researched online, looks like it could possibly be whooping cough! My 4 year old has the same cough. If it is indeed whooping cough,I think we are through the contagious state (5-21 days). I have been coughing for 4 weeks and she for 3. I know we are on the mend, but all of the sudden I hit a panic because my near future newborn can't help but be breathed on by its loving mama and sis.

Do I need to worry that this little babe will catch this?

I have 'white coat illness' and really don;t want to see a doctor, but will if necessary. my midwife isn't worried but we never discussed the whooping cough scenario.


many thanks!
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