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Preggo brain

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I completely forgot my ATM code yesterday. I was on a work field trip with a coworker and we were stopping for lunch at this little BBQ joint that only took cash. He dropped me off at an ATM machine and I just went blank. The number was gone. I tried 3 numbers, but none worked and I didnt want to keep trying for fear of loosing my card (dont those machines suck up the cards?)

What the heck? I use that card all the time for debit and credit. Where did that number go? It's still gone today.

Anyone else having severe pregnancy brain lapses?
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Um, yes. And it's *bad*. I was at yesterday trying to find out how hot it was going to be, and I couldn't remember our zip code. I am constantly forgetting what I was going to say, what I went in the other room to do/get, everything. It's like I'm half asleep or on drugs or something. At least DH has a good sense of humor about it and seems to be amused by this, so I can laugh at it rather than pull my hair out!! :LOL
Thanks, Amy! I just called me DH to tell him your story and we both had a good laugh. He keeps wondering why I cannot remember his new work phone number and these stories are helping him understand the true extent of preggo brain! Thanks for sharing.

DH did ask me "you did remember to put on pants this morning, right?"

I was changing dd's diaper the other day and dropped the pins in the diaper pail instead of the wet diaper. I even went as far as to close the pail and then wonder why in the world I was standing there holding a wet diaper.
I didn't fish them out right then and spent the next two days wondering where I'd put my favorite set of diaper pins. I didn't find them until I went to do a load of diapers!

I'm also really bad about putting things that go in the fridge into the cabinet and vice versa. I've also put some sunscreen somewhere so my toddler would leave it alone and now can't find it. Maybe I should check the fridge? :LOL

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Today I couldn't remember the password to log on to my computer!
I can't talk! Arggg it drives me batty! Like, I just replace the word I MEANT to say with some other word that makes no sense! I've been this way my whole pg so far. It makes me feel like a babbling idiot.
Like yesterday I asked my son to "pick his apple up off of the *banana peel*" instead of off the *bathroom floor*!! I mean, how on earth does my brain confuse the bathroom floor with a BANANA PEEL?!?! Oy, I do it allll the time. I hate it. I hate feeling dumb.
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Aubrey, being a linguist, I could actually explain that one to ya, but it'll have to wait til I stop laughing so hard. That is a great one!! :LOL
zjande -- at least you replace it with a word -- I just go blank. to DH I say "can you look in the (5 second pause) freezer!" yes, that's what it's called, very good, Julia for remembering basic vocabulary. Another one I forget was "sidewalk", i.e. "I was on the (5 second pause) sidewalk!" Meanwhile DH just waits patiently (eyebrows raised) for me to come up with the word !
Lucky everyone is patient with all of you! Mine is so bad I think DH is getting a little ticked off...I can hardly keep anything straight by the time I get home!
Amy, at least I can laugh at myself I guess, your laughing at me makes me laugh! :LOL Do describe why my brain would confuse the two if you can. I'd love to have my psychosis explained.

Plagio, I also do that! If I actually make myself talk sloooower so that I don't use the wrong words all the time, then I just draw a blank as to what the right word is!!! Ug. I'm hopeless. We're all doomed to babble like dorks til our babies fall out.
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I've handed the hairbrush to my daughter and asked her to please brush her teeth far, far too many times lately. And, vice versa. Once, she asked me "is your brain all mixed up?"

Yesterday, I put the cheese in the freezer. Any way to fix that after it's already been done?
I'll be talking and then get distracted and stop and completely forget that I was saying anything at all... my co-workers make fun of me, but since they'll all post-menopausal they have brain lapses too so I laugh right back at them! :LOL Good to know I'm not the only one

love and peace.
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this morning I had to write out my bank deposit slip 3 times before I got it right...
I'm bad with math anyway, but yeesh! :LOL
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This week when writing a check I asked for the date. After the gave me the day, I stared at my check and finally said "What month is it?" After she and I finished laughing (OB receptionist deals with pregnant women all day long), I finished some paperwork, and then realised I'd dated the check 04.

I also keep forgetting to do things I'm in the middle of. I didn't finish putting away the groceries, and the dog got an early crack at this food. Left the yummy leftovers in the car, and couldn't figure out why the car stank the next day. I had to drive back to my house when I was half way to a friends because I'd left the steam cleaner on.

I also do the (5 second pause) thing.

I need a keeper!
Thank you, mamas, for sharing your pregnancy fog stories!

I was driving to a weekly meeting last Monday that I've been attending for months. I suddenly found myself in a totally unfamiliar part of town on a road that had abruptly turned into two lanes, and I had no idea how to get to where I was supposed to go. I turned around, but would linger at each red light thinking, "How in the world do I get there?" I almost just gave up and went home, but I was hoping that if "autopilot" had gotten me so lost, if I could just get to somewhere that I *thought* was familiar, maybe autopilot would take me the rest of the way. It ended up working, but I was 30 minutes late and quite the amusement for the other mothers in attendance.
couldn't remember my daughter's birthdate today...

I have my 2 yr old finishing sentences for me.... "Do you want to get in the ....?"..."bath, mommy?"
A few weekends ago I had a bad preg mind started when we were out of town in SC

1st I lost my dhs cell phone (luckily the person that found it was able to meet my BIL to give it back)

the next day I locked the keys in our car (I havent done that for years, but I have now done it twice while pregnant)

later in the week I was defrosting chicken in our sink using hot water...step away from the sink when the neighbor was at the door & walked back into a kitchen that was literally FLOODED with water
It looked like something out of a sitcom!!!

Ive done a cpl other forgettful things, but nothing as bad as that week
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I have similar things happpen to me all the time! I make calls, then forget why I'm calling. My spelling has gotten worse.
I simpathize with you.
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