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pregnancy & dental work? (broken tooth)

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Hey mamas....

I think I have a broken wisdom tooth.... its not fully "in" but it feels cracked on one side cause its very rough. the only thing is I dont remember cracking or breaking it and its not causing any pain or anything.... im not sure i would have even noticed it if I hadnt felt it with my fingers.

So the question is.. how much dental work is ok? If its not bothering me should i just leave it til im done with this pregnancy ? I guess I should call my midwife and ask her too, lol.
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Hi, I went to the dentist for a cleaning at about 4 months, and I have a cavity or so that needs to be filled, but my dentist said she'd rather wait until after the baby is born, because of the medications. She did say that if work HAD to be done we should do it, but if it was minor to wait. (So she's just having me brush and floss more and better until after)

So I guess I would ask if it is really bothering you, like are you in pain from it all the time? If so I would get it taken care of and discuss different medications with the dentist, and if not, I would wait...
You need to do it after the first trimester.Only local antistetic.
i had my wisdom teeth out during a 2ww, which my oral surgeon was *not* happy about. but i pleaded with him to do it, and he gave me local anesthetic only, and penicllin for afterwards, and a prescription for Tylenol 3, which i only took 1 of. turns out i was not pregnant that time, but next month i was

anyway, he said those things were the safest during pregnancy. i would have your dentist check the tooth and tell you if they think you should do something about it during pregnancy... you certainly can get fillings and wisdom teeth extractions done during pregnancy with very minimal risk, but if it's possible to wait until afterwards, i would wait.

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Thanks everyone! I think I will try to get it looked at on Monday and go from there
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I have a friend who has an autistic child and in her research she discovered that there are three things during pregnancy that can elevate your risk of an autistic child.
1. Having any dental work done
2. Getting the flu shot
3. Having the Phogam shot for Rh -

For me, if it wasn't bothering me, I would wait as long as possible to have any work done. JMO
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