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Pregnancy depression

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I hear so much talk about Post Partum Depression, but I seem to have an opposite problem. I have the hardest time being pregnant. I get depressed and moody. It is way worse with this second pregnancy, and both my pregnancies were planned. I am just moping and moody and cry at the drop of a hat. I know that it is a blessing and a gift, but my mood still stays lousy. Being pregnant this second time is so much harder because at least with the first I could nap when I wanted, go shopping when I wanted, now I have all the restrictions of having a toddler and pregnancy. I only have a month left so I hope it lifts some after I have my precious babe, even though I know it will only get harder. But I do think I will be more emotionally stable because I think it is the pregnancy hormones that really screw with my system. Oh well just wondering if I am the only one who has a harder time with depression during the pregnancy than after.
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I understand how you feel. I've been much more uncomfortable this time around and it's so hard to take care of my toddler and the house as well. I don't know that I'm feeling depressed so much as feeling easily overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious.
We decided to move in with my mom after the baby's birth because I'm so nervous about the adjustment period. My son is will be two when this one is born, so he's still very dependent on me, and is going through a difficult stage of constantly testing his limits. I can barely juggle life as it is right now, so I can't imagine throwing another child into the mix. But I hear alot of second time moms-to-be feel this way; it's a big step.
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Me too. I have terrible first trimester depression. I think it was worse with my first but that was also due to external factors in my life. This time around I just kept telling myself that it was hormonal and that it would eventually pass.

It's truly horrible though, and I don't think anyone who hasn't been there can understand how debilitating it can be. Plus, if you get morning sickness as well it is like a double whammy.


Hope you feel like yourself again after the baby arrives.

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