A pregnant mama uses crossfit to stay healthy in pregnancy
Maternity pictures are taking all forms these days, but one pregnant mama in Connecticut didn't want the flowy dress and garden setting. She wanted photos that showed her fitness journey throughout pregnancy.

Connecticut Mom Lauren Ferris is a cross-fitter. She began the workout regimen about five years ago, and kept it up through her pregnancy with her first son, Connor. Ferris said that staying fit is what helped contribute to an amazing birth experience, and so she wanted to do the same with her second pregnancy (her baby boy is due today).

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Talented photographer JoAnn Marrero photographed Connor's birth two years ago, and Lauren asked Marrero if she'd take maternity pictures that showed what their normal life is like today, which includes a large amount of time spent at the gym. Marrero has taken a few other maternity pictures that went viral, and says she wants her clients to share their real stories through her photography.

A pregnant mother stays fit during pregnancy with her son

Lauren works out about four times a week and often, she and her husband bring Connor with them. Connor has his own toy weights and proudly 'works out' with the family. Marrero and Mama Lauren hope that these pictures of a strong and capable pregnant mother will inspire other mothers and mothers-to-be to maintain fitness as well, of course making modifications as necessary for their growing bodies!

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Lauren said that her midwives recommended that above all, she stay fit in her first pregnancy and that made all the difference in her birth experience. Continuing to do so with her second, she says she hasn't really had to modify much in the crossfit routines. They make her feel amazing and strong at a time when many women don't feel so great about their pregnant bodies.

And we can certainly see why!
A pregnant mother does crossfit while pregnant to stay strong

Photos: Joann Marrero/From Labor To Love