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pregnancy insomnia

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anyone have any suggestions for helping you get to sleep when pregnant? i am 29 weeks with twins and having a hard time sleeping. i also get this "restless leg" type feeling, but it's often in my shoulder and only at night when i get settled into bed. my chiro is working on it with me and i'm going to get a massage on monday, but any other suggestions to gently help encourage sleep would be great!
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Are warm baths okay? Those always knock me out. Or you could start working on projects you need to get done. Not procrastinating also makes me sleepy.

I'd think chamomile tea would be safe or rubbing a lavender lotion into your skin.

Sorry, I haven't actually been there, but I am up, so I thought I'd try to get your mind going in some possibly new directions.
I get that restless feeling too, but in my whole body. Like my skin is trying to crawl off or something. The more tired I am, the worse it is, and of course the harder it is to go to sleep.

I always have a hard time falling asleep, pregnant or not. What helps me is I drink my 3rd trimester tea at bedtime, spray some lavender on my pillow, and listen to a progressive sleep CD, focusing on my relaxation which we need to practice before labor anyway. There are a ton of those CDs out there, I just found a bunch in our county library system as well.

A warm bath can be good, but not within 2 hours of bedtime. You're body temp actually has to drop to a certain point before sleep can take place (always, not just during pg) and baths or showers raise your body temp. They are wonderful for relaxation though.

You might also try putting these and maybe a few other things into a bedtime routine, just like you would for a child. Routines tell our bodies its time to settle down and sleep. Reading for about 30 minutes really helps me a lot. Also, eating eggs at bedtime can help induce sleep, and you really should have a bit to eat at bedtime anyway to keep from waking up from hunger (which actually I often do even though I do eat). Make sure not to eat any sugar after dinner, if ever. Writing in a journal at bedtime can be helpful too if "running mind" syndrome keeps you awake.
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i've been waking in the middle of the night feeling wide awake and restless. i found that if i fight it and try to go back to sleep it only gets worse so i get up go to the bathroom, eat some toast with peanut butter, read some of a book and strech a little. after a bit i am ready to go back to bed and though i lost and hour of sleep i feel better then if i layed awake for an hour in bed trying to go back to sleep.
I'm feeling the exact same thing at 25 weeks. I also have more energy in the day than I did last month or the months before that. I really have no suggestions...I just know the feeling. Sometimes I play solitaire on DH's PDA in the middle of the night and that is boring enough to put me to sleep after an hour or so. I feel so silly, because just in past 3 or 4 weeks, DS has finally started to sleep better (occassionally through the entire night!) and here I am, unable to sleep half the night.
I have *totally* beaten the pg insomnia, as you can tell by the fact that I'm posting at 2.37 a.m.

No miraculous cures, just commiseration. I have found that it is usually alleviated by a nap during the day, but I would hope that at 29 wks with twins, you're during that anyway!

I've tried the warm bath thing and it didn't do much for me bc I've tended to feel overheated since being pg. Probably just me, though. Sleeping in a cool room is somethign often recommended and that does help me stay asleep for longer stretches. Keeping rehydrating liquids by the bed so I can stay hydrated without getting up makes it easier to get back to sleep after night-waking, and easier to get to sleep as well.

Ironically, Dh has tried giving me back rubs and it does nothing for getting me to sleep, but giving him a massage invariably gets me sleepy! Something about the intimacy combined with using some energy but without all the issues of pg sex. I dunno. Works for me.
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Those are all good suggestions so far

My only other trick to add would be a footbath before bed. I personally am too hot these days, which I think is making the insomnia worse, so a cold footbath helps me out a lot. Actually, I'm just keeping a bowl of water in my bedroom up against the wall where I can't kick it accidentally when I get up to pee. I soak my feet before I go to sleep, and then as needed before going back to bed after peeing...

Oh yeah, and turning the a/c up really high is great, too, but my DH turns into a popsicle, so I've avoided that
I do have a separate fan on my side of the bed, tho, that helps somewhat!

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the one plus to insomnia is i am getting so much done!! last night i paid bills, ate cereal, did two loads of laundry, streched (felt so good after sleeping for half the night and getting all tight) i made a list of what i wanted to do first thing in the morning and for the first time i was motivated enough this morning to do dishes, more laundry and clean up. i know i will crash but hopefully everyone will nap and i'll get the rest i need to make up for last night.
the insomnia is getting us all ready for having a baby waking us all hours of the night. and i for one cant wait!!! nursing will be a lot more fun then doing chores in the middle of the night
thanks for the suggestions. it's good to have a few more ideas to try. it seems that i find something that helps for a few nights and i get some good sleep and then that routine stops working and i have to find a new combo of things. my saving grace is that nap with DD during the day. otherwise i think i'd fall over.

best wishes to all you other gestating insomiacs too!
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