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Pregnancy Leukorrhea

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I am sure that it varies in everyone, but does anyone know how soon you can start to experience the white discharge/ leukorrhea associated with pregnancy?

One thing I read said that it is not until later on in pregnancy, and one thing said that it can be almost immediately in the days following fertilization.

Thank you!
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I was charting for awhile (while BF and no cycles and a year after getting cycles) and now I am 7 weeks pregnant and I would say I started getting leukorrhea pretty much right away.......its different than my cycles though - kind of like while I was BF (after all the stuff came out after having the baby - I know gross!)

If you are wondering if you can tell if you conceived by leukorrhea before you get a BFP - I would say no.........some women say they get a ton of creamy CM but mostly it is not a good indicator at all.

I never got it until way later in my pregnancy.
BI got it so abdundant almost immediately after implantation that I mistook it for fertile CM and thought I hadn't O'd yet.
Now, at 7.5 weeks, it has kind of dried up a bit, but for me it was totally an early pg sign.
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