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Pregnancy Mouth!

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YUCK! It doesn't seem to matter what I eat or drink, I have the yuckiest taste in my mouth all the time. I brush my teeth a ton and nothing helps! Anyone else dealing with this? What can I do? I know it is totally hormonal, but would love to get rid of this icky mouth!
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Haven't had that yet - just noticed my gums are a little more prone to bleed if flossed than before.
I hate that...

It's SO gross. A few weeks ago I could chew gum which helped but now gum makes me :puke so I don't know what to do anymore???
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The only thing that helped me was chewing on parsley (which can be hard if you can't stand greens during m/s)
Mint gum is the only thing that helps me!
I totally thought this was going to be about the crazy things we hear ourselves say! hahahaha

Yep, have the funky mouth, too, though! :p Mostly I just cope... drink as much water as I can without feeling urpy... not all that much, and chew gum when it's around.
Oh my it is so freakin disgusting. Doesn't help the nausea at all either. I really wish I could scrub my tongue but I gag just trying to brush my teeth. I find that sometimes gum helps. I swear the first trimester just isn't pretty ffor me, I mean I'm salivating like I'm rabid, I have the worst taste in my mouth, horrid postnasal drip, depressing nausea, almost constant gas, and I stink. LMAO!!!!!!!
I also had this, although it is starting to go away now. I had never heard about this before, I guess I'm glad to know I am not the only one.
I'm dealing with this now. I have started buying mints to keep with me when I go out. I can't stand the funk in my mouth!

I totally have that - but mostly at night. I sleep with my mouth open, and I always wake up (to go to the bathroom of course) feeling like my mouth is icky or super-dry. I can't stop sipping water to try and get rid of the dry-mouth, but then that makes me pee more. Oh the trials.... he he he
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