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mitted to the hospital more then once something like that?<br><br>
I was on Women's Health while volunteering because the BA needed a volunteer to take out a out dated form and put the updated one in the admitted new patients folders.<br><br>
One of the nurses whos with the NICU well the adminstive part of it. Came in to get some info on some of the patients whose babies are in NICU who are on WHU at this time. So, the head nurse asked her if her if a woman who she knows or related to her had her baby yet. She didn't have it yet. All the women in the room were so glad and so on, don't know how to explain why. So asked her directly if it was another pregnancy problem that is causing false labor something like that causing to be admitted to the hospital more then once something like that. Don't know if its her first or if its a high risk pregnancy as well. Shes near her due date only a couple more weeks of this and most likely she will get a c-section from what I know about this. Feel so bad for that woman relative or friend and her baby. Hope that her friend or relative will bf until it weans and leaves it intact if its a boy.<br><br>
What causes these problems and false labors? Could doctors be the ones that causing all these problems and false labors? Rember reading something in Naomi Wolf's <i>Misconceptions</i>, which I can't rember or the page its on or whatever.<br><br>
Think I explained everything and didn't leave anything out.<br><br>
Thank you.
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